Business Breakfast with Claude Fallinfaw, speaking about “living longer”

Friday, 4th August 2017 at 6:50am - 8:30am

Location: Brisbane International – Windsor. Lutwyche Rd & Bryden Street, Windsor QLD 4030

This event is in the past.

Brisbane International – Windsor. Lutwyche Rd & Bryden Street, Windsor QLD 4030. (Enter off Bryden Street. Park in the underground carpark on the hotel premises.)

 TOPIC: Are We Living Shorter And Dying Longer?

Are we living shorter these days and dying longer? That’s an important question we must ask ourselves. How can we stay healthier longer without falling ill so often?

How often have we seen family and friends not take that second glass of red wine or decline a slice of rich wedding cake at their son’s or daughter’s wedding? The reason is their health prevents them doing so. Sadly maybe we are either like them or heading that way, unless we do something about it right now.

All around us today we have the toxic environment from the influence of heavy pesticides and chemicals that place a huge toxic burden on our body’s cells. Our cells are struggling to keep up with this burden and that’s why many of us fall ill too often today. We rely on our foods to help us with overcoming this burden.

Good wholesome fresh food can help overcome the free radical damage that is occurring. However, our fresh food supply is dwindling and comes either frozen or modified with most of its precious goodness taken out during processing. So how can we stay healthy longer?

The answer lies in giving our cells some added nutrients from safe sources such as nutritional supplements. But not all supplements are created equal. It is important to research the company that makes the supplements and see if their products can be trusted. What’s on the label is in the bottle to start with. Is it potency guaranteed? Is it manufactured to pharmaceutical grade GMPs? There are so many questions to be ticked off before you spend your hard earned money on something that may not work.

Claude comes from Bangalore in the south of India. In 1984 he migrated as a young chef to Brisbane and at age 26 started his first of four local Indian Restaurants in Brisbane. During this time he saw a shrinking market in food where business owners competed on price more than being unique. This led him to the wellness industry in 2003. He will talk more about the importance of wellness in his talk this Friday. Claude is married to Vicki Parker, and he has two sons, Jared and Brendan, aged 25 and 29 years.


RSVP for the Breakfast required by Thursday 3 August

Cost: $20.00 for a hot breakfast and a “barista” coffee/tee.
(Pay at the counter on arrival.)

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